ViPen-2 – Vibration Signals Collector and Analyzer with Functions of Temperature Measurement and Rolling Bearing Diagnostics with Bluetooth Interface


The ViPen-2 portable device is a compact multy-functional vibration signals’ collector (analyzer), controlled through a smartphone or a tablet.

The main purpose of the ViPen-2 device is the prompt and most automated data collection and adaptation for further processing by the modern operation and maintenance managing software implemented at the enterprise.

The ViPen-2 Device Design

For the convenience of vibration measurements in hard working conditions, the ViPen-2 device has a rugged design:

  • On the ViPen-2 device metal body, there are no external controls.
  • The device does not have a screen, a keyboard or an on/off button; there is only one signal LED.
  • The device has only built-in sensors for vibration and temperature measuring, so there are no external connectors.
  • To protect the pyrometer from external influences, it is covered with special glass.
  • The internal battery is charged by a wireless charger used to charge smartphone batteries.

The ViPen-2 device is controlled remotely from a smartphone via standard Bluetooth wireless interface. All the measured and converted vibration signals are displayed on the smartphone screen.

The data received from the ViPen-2 via the smartphone software can be transferred to SCADA database, with the Operation and Maintenance managing software installed in it.

The ViPen-2 Device Measurement Frequency Ranges

The standard working frequency range verified for the ViPen-2 device is from 10 to 1000 Hz.

The actual operating frequency range of the ViPen-2 device is much wider; it includes two additional frequency ranges:

  • Low frequency range from 0.5 Hz to 50 Hz. Measurements in this frequency range allow monitoring the condition and diagnosing low-speed units, starting from 30 rpm.
  • High frequency range from 500 Hz to 10000 Hz. Measurements in this frequency range make it possible to monitor high-frequency mechanical and electromechanical processes in equipment.

The ViPen-2 Device Functions

ViPen-2 ViPen-2

The ViPen-2 portable device performs the full cycle of vibration signal collection, processing and analysis in standard and extended frequency ranges:

  • Waveform measurement by the built-in accelerometer.
  • Representation and analysis of the measured waveforms in terms of vibration acceleration, vibration velocity and vibration displacement.
  • Calculation of the main integral parameters of all the waveform representations, such as amplitude, peak-to-peak, average value, RMS.
  • Calculation and analysis of the waveform spectrum with a maximum resolution of up to 3200 spectrum lines.

The ViPen-2 device software also includes automated algorithms for on-lone rolling bearings condition assessment and defect diagnostics.

To expand the possibilities of on-line diagnostics, especially rolling bearings condition assessment, the ViPen-2 device is equipped with a built-in temperature sensor (pyrometer) for non-contact temperature measurements.

Rolling Bearing Diagnostics

The ViPen-2 device automatically assesses the rolling bearings condition. The bearing condition is indicated by the graphic symbol of a rotating rolling bearing on the smartphone screen.

According to the results of diagnostics, the bearing belongs to one of three condition categories:

  • Good condition of the bearing, in this case the bearing symbol in the screen rotates rapidly.
  • Warning condition, defects are found, the bearing symbol in the screen rotates slowly.
  • Alarm condition, the bearing symbol in the screen flashes and does not rotate.

The results of the rolling bearing vibration diagnostics in the ViPen-2 device are supplemented by the built-in pyrometer data.

An increase in bearing temperature is almost always associated with lubrication problems or serious defects on the rolling surfaces inside the bearing.

Using the ViPen-2 Device as an Intelligent Sensor for Equipment Operation and Maintenance Management

The ViPen-2 can be used as a multipurpose vibration signal analyzer; in the terms of price in this function the device is much cheaper than its analogues.

It is most effective to use ViPen-2 as an intelligent sensor in complex equipment operation and maintenance management systems. In this case, the measurements are done in the standard frequency range of 10÷1000Hz or in additional frequency ranges, depending on the type of equipment monitored.

It is possible to transfer information about the equipment condition to operation and maintenance management system server.

Vibration Measurement


Vibration measurement with the ViPen-2 device is carried out using a contact probe or a magnetic fastening block designed for use on flat and curved surfaces. The probe and the magnetic fastening block are fixed on the device body using a threaded hole.

The device is controlled from a smartphone, for which special software is supplied together with the device.

The device is well-protected, marked IEx ib IIA T3 Gb X and can be used in severe environment.

The ViPen-2 Device Specifications

Frequency range, Hz 0,5÷10000
Standard frequency range, Hz 10÷1000
RMS measurement range, mm/sec 1÷100
Vibroacceleration measurement range, peak, m/s2 1÷100
Displacement measurement range, peak-to-peak, um 10 ÷ 500
Temperature measurement range , OC -50÷300
Operation temperature range, OC -40 ÷+50
The ViPen-2 device dimensions, mm 22*54*128
Weigh without the magnetic fastening block, g 220

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Vibration Signals Collector and Analyzer with Functions of Temperature Measurement and Rolling Bearing Diagnostics with Bluetooth Interface
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