Diana-2M - the two-channel analyzer of vibro-signals (vibroanalyzer)


The vibration double-channel analyzer (vibroanalyzer) Diana-2M is intended for diagnosis of a state and balancing of the rotated equipment. It is portable, small-size, effective and low-cost solution for diagnostic works most often meeting in practice. The device is simple and can be used by specialists of various level of vibrating preparation. It has small weight and keyboard protection.

The device is made on the modern processor for fast calculations. The memory size for a data storage (64 Mb) is enough for conducting of operative works and a information storage. Possibility of calculation of spectrum with high-resolution 51200 (!) lines, synchronous registration of waveforms on two channels allows to raise productivity of diagnosis works. Device can record vibration signals with duration up to 1 hour.


There are several additional algorithms of vibration analysis in device:

  • Equipment balancing;
  • Calculation of amplitude and phase of harmonic;
  • Bump test;
  • Measurements by route

Device Diana-2M is released in two modifications: industrial and explosion-proof modifications.

Techincal specifications

Frequency range, Hz 3 ÷ 10000
Frequence range of sensor VK-310A, Hz 3 ÷ 5000
Analog integration single, double
Measurement type peak, RMS, peak-to-peak, kurtosis,
waveform, spectrum
Measurement range: acceleration 0,3 ÷ 100 m/s2 (peak)
Velocity 0,3 ÷ 100 mm/s (RMS)
Displacement 5 ÷ 500 um (peak-to-peak)
Maximum spectrum Frequency, kHz up to 10
Spectrum resolution, lines up to 51200
Measurement Window Hamming
LCD Screen 320*240 pixels
Memory 64 Mb
Connecting with PC USB 1.1
Power supply accumulators
Time of operations work, without backlight, hours 12
Dimensions, mm 200*140*38

The delivery of device Diana-2M includes the software of vibrating diagnostics Atlant and Aurora-2000. By means of this program storage of vibro-signals and spectrum in a computer is realized. Transfer of the information from the device in a computer is made by USB port. Time and frequency transformations of vibro-signals, wavelet-conversion of signals are realized in the program Atlant.

The software Atlant included:

  • Expert system of diagnostics and search of defects of rotating equipment;
  • System of diagnostics of defects of rolling bearing on spectrum envelope of vibro-signals;
  • Language of writing of diagnostic rules Pallada by means of which the user can formalize and use all the operating time in automated diagnostics