DPK-Vibro Compact Vibrometer


DPK-Vibro is:

  • a device for vibration signal measuring (vibrometer)
  • a device for assessing roller bearing condition "on-site"
  • a vibration signal analyzer with some storage
  • a compact portable device with a bright screen

We manufacture DPK-Vibro device for you to always know the condition of your equipment.

The vibrometer is easy to use for the staff without any special training.



Velocity RMS
Velocity RMS

The device measures the integral parameters of machine vibration using the built-in vibration sensor. Such measurements can be performed for the acceleration A (m/s2), velocity V (mm/s) and displacement S (um). The parameter type is chosen by the user. The vibration measurements are performed in the standard frequency range from 10 to 1000 Hz.

Low-frequency Vibrometer Mode

For some types of low-speed rotating machines the task is measuring of low-frequency vibrations. This frequency range is not standard. DPK-Vibro allows low-frequency vibration measuring in the range of 1 ÷ 200 Hz.


Roller Bearing Condition Assessment

Roller Bearing Condition Assessment

"On-site" roller bearing condition assessment by DPK-Vibro device is based on two methods:

  • the calculation of the RMS for the vibration signals measured on bearings and comparing it to normal values;
  • the parameter analysis of the shock pulses from various defects at the rolling surface of the bearing.

After mathematical processing of the measured shock pulses, the device gives a conclusion on the bearing rolling surfaces condition.

In the diagnostic mode a graphic representation of a bearing is displayed on the device screen. Additionally, to the left and right of the bearing, the measured signal RMS and Kurtosis value (the intensity of shock pulses in the controlled bearing) are shown. High Kurtosis value indicates the presence of internal defects.

In the diagnostic mode the information about the bearing condition is displayed in digits. Besides, the bearing condition is indicated by the speed of the graphic bearing rotation and its color change (green, yellow or red). The colors of the RMS and Kurtosis bars change as well.


Rotating Equipment Defects Diagnostics

Vibration Spectrum

DPK-Vibro allows effective diagnostics of the rotating equipment defects. The user can view and analyze both the vibration waveform and its spectrum.

In the vibration measuring and equipment diagnostic mode the vibration waveform and its spectrum are displayed in the bottom part of the screen. This information is very useful, as it allows identifying almost all the typical defects of rotating equipment.

The signals and spectrums can be stored in the device memory for downloading to PC and for further in-depth analysis. The device allows storing up to 50 waveforms and spectrums. "Aurora" and "Atlant" expert software developed by Vibro-Center are used for data analysis. The software can be downloaded free from our website.


Compact Portable Device

DPK-Vibro is compact device
DPK-Vibro is compact device

DPK-Vibro device is very small and lightweight.

It is cased in metal and has got a protected keyboard.

The built-in sensor probe is threaded M5. Instead of the probe a magnet or a M5 pin can be used.

The device is powered by two Ni-MH rechargeable batteries of AAA size or two batteries. The Ni-MH batteries are charged via the USB connector from the AC power or from the computer.

When you rotate the device, the screen also flips, adjusting to the user.


DPK-Vibro Delivery Set

DPK-Vibro Delivery Set
Delivery Set
  • DPK-Vibro Device;
  • a probe;
  • a strap for carrying;
  • a charging AC adapter
  • a micro-USB Cable
  • a carrying case (bag)
  • documentation kit

DPK-Vibro Parameters

Measurement amplitude range:
Acceleration, A (m/s2, Peak)
Velocity, V (mm/s, RMS)
Displacement, S (um, Peak-To-Peak)

1 ÷100
1 ÷ 100
50 ÷ 500
Operating frequency range, Hz 10 ÷ 1000
Color Display Resolution, pixels 128 * 160
Screen size, mm 29 * 36
Memory capacity, Kb 256
PC interface USB
Operation from the battery, hours 5
Operating temperature range, °C -20 ÷ +40
Vibrometer dimensions, mm 97 * 60 * 19
Vibrometer weight, g. 200

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