Vibrometer-K1 - compact vibrometer


Compact Vibrometer-K1 means for conducting of measuring vibration in dimension of velocity (mm/s) in standard range of frequency form 10Hz to 1000Hz.

This device has only one button, it means that Vibrometer-K1 can be used by unskilled operator too.

Vibrometer-K1 has bright screen, makes work in temperature range to -20 C, small overall size and weight, a possibility for a long work from built in accumulators.

The device Vibrometer-K1 was registered in the national list of measuring devices.


Techincal specifications

Frequency band, Hz 10 - 1000
Irregularity of gain-frequency characteristic <10%
Device weight, less then, kg 0,5
Dimensions, mm 140*63*31
Continuous running from accumulators, hours 15