About Vibro-Center

Our main business activity is development and manufacture of portable instruments for measurement of vibration of rotating equipment.

We develop methods and tools for change from a system of preventive maintenance on the equipment condition maintenance.

Company News

26 November 2015

Vibro-Center devices

All modern devices for vibration measuring produced by Vibro-Center

ViAna-4, ViAna-1, Vibo Vision-2, DPK-Vibro, ViPen

You can see devces on exibition "Electrical networks of Russia 2015" December 1-4, in Moscow at position A191 (NTC EDS).

1 October 2015

ViPen vibrometer

ViPen โ€“ a pen-type Vibrometer with the roller bearing diagnostics

"ViPen" vibrometer โ€“ it is vibration measuring, temperature measuring and roller bearing diagnostics combined in one device. "ViPen" goes readily into the pocket, so it refers to the vibration devices called "pen-type".

The device is operated with one sensor button. The device switches on at pressing the button. The measurements go on while the button is kept pressed. At releasing the button the last measured value is displayed.

Three main parameters measured by "ViPen":

  • RMS in the band of 10 รท 1000 Hz
  • Vibration acceleration amplitude (peak)
  • Temperature

16 june 2012

We manufacture and sell modern portable devices for vibrations measuring

DPK-VibroDPK-Vibro - vibrometer, rolling bearings diagnostics device

Vibro Vision-2Vibro Vision-2 - vibration analyzer, with additional functions for rolling bearings diagnostics

ViAna-1ViAna-1 - vibration analyzer, balancing

ViAna-4ViAna-4 โ€“ a multipurpose device for vibration measurement, vibration analysis and rotor balancing